Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility

The BNCFF supports the development of sound, investable blue natural capital projects with clear ecosystem service benefits, based on multiple income streams and appropriate risk-return profiles. By assessing, preparing and structuring blue nature capital opportunities into bankable investments the BNCFF helps to reduce the risk of natural capital investments.

The Facility is being managed by IUCN as the Facility Manager on a day-to-day basis; IUCN will execute the implementation of activities and support the evaluation of activities and results.

An Expert Support Unit supports the Facility Manager in evaluating proposals for their potential to comply with the Positive Impact Framework and the compatibility of their business model.

The Environment and Social Committee evaluates the proposals ensuring proper environmental and social safeguards are observed and positive impacts met.

The Supervisory Committee will approve the proposals and funds spent as well as review project outcomes and provide BNCFF endorsement.