The BNCFF Team

The Facility Manager

As the Facility Manager, IUCN will execute the implementation of activities and support the evaluation of activities and results. The day-to-day management will be executed by its Global Marine and Polar Programme ( in consultation with other IUCN global thematic programmes.

Dorothée Herr

Dorothée Herr is managing the day-to-day activities of the Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility (BNCFF) and providing her expert advice for BNC projects in terms of nature-based solutions’ benefits and challenges. Dorothée has been pioneering for the IUCN’s Global Marine and Polar Programme

Jürgen Zeitlberger

Jürgen Zeitlberger is backing the implementation of the BNCFF, primarily lending his expertise on financial investments to BNCFF proposals and connecting the conservation field with the financial industry. He is also working on day-to-day management activities to ensure a smooth operation of the BNCFF.

The Expert Support Unit

An Expert Support Unit supports the Facility Manager in assessing proposals for their potential to comply with the Positive Impacts Framework and the compatibility of their business model.

Nathalie Roth

Nathalie Roth is the BNCFF Senior Advisor for environmental and international carbon markets, climate finance, valuation of climate change impacts and sustainable development benefits and its integration into the financial structuring of the projects.

Moritz von Unger

Moritz von Unger is the BNCFF Senior Advisor who will support BNCFF projects with transaction and technical guidance related to coastal nature-based interventions as well as small-scale renewable energy and clean water solutions.

Torsten Thiele

Torsten Thiele is the BNCFF Senior Advisor on project structuring and financing as well as modern data systems & marine technology. He will advise on opportunities to combine multiple income streams in BNC project to become bankable while achieving appropriate risk-return profiles.

The Environmental and Social Committee

An Environment and Social Committee evaluates the proposals ensuring proper environmental and social safeguards are observed and positive impacts met.

The Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee will approve the proposals and funds spent as well as review project outcomes and provide BNCFF endorsement.