Financing mangrove and seagrass conservation and restoration, and marine protection, on Indonesia’s Misool Island

Establishing the vital baseline and documentation necessary to eventually access carbon and biodiversity credits for different marine and coastal ecosystems on Misool Island, Indonesia. This will support conservation, afforestation and restoration activities in mangrove areas; marine biodiversity monitoring and protection for marine areas; and monitoring and improvement in seagrass health. The long-term goal is to fund a large-scale restoration and conservation.

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Sustainably financing Palk Bay Dugong Conservation Area

This project supports India’s National Action Plan for Dugong Conservation, aiming to restore the dugong population and habitat in the next two decades. It focuses on Palk Bay Dugong Conservation Reserve in Tamil Nadu. The Zoological Society of London, Wildlife Institute of India, and Tamil Nadu Forest Department will collaborate to manage and restore the reserve’s biodiversity, involving local communities. The project includes developing sustainable financing based on blue carbon, biodiversity, and local business investments.

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Sustainable seafood through restoring Indonesian mangrove forests

The project leader’s aim is to develop 5000 hectares of fishponds containing at least 50% mangrove cover, by 2030. This large expansion of hybrid mangrove and aquaculture areas will also increase the benefits for the fishermen and investors, with the project leaders aiming to obtain the Selva Shrimp certification.

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