Mangrove project in Benin to improve local living standards

Beyond the protection of mangroves in the Community Biodiversity Conservation Area of Bouche du Roy, the project will help to improve the living standards of the local communities, while promoting sustainable use of the ecosystem, environmental education, and ecotourism.

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Safeguarding biodiversity and livelihoods in Madagascar

This project aims to create, protect, restore and manage at least 2,088 ha of mangrove forest across three sites on the north-western coast of Madagascar. Having already completed a pilot phase, the project is now looking to accelerate and upscale activities with an aim to start selling carbon credits.

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Restoring mangroves for disaster protection in the Philippines

Despite providing disaster risk reduction, coastal protection against floods, storms, tsunamis and sea level rise, mangrove forests are under threat. Partners Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Coast4C (C4C) are working to protect and restore large areas of mangrove forest using their proven assisted natural regeneration approach.

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Blue carbon in Zanzibar

Terra Global is structuring a project to conserve > 16,000ha of mangrove forests on the Zanzibar islands of Pemba and Unguja.

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Blue Carbon in Kenya

The Wildlife Conservation Society is working with Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute in pioneering a project aimed at generating carbon credits from seagrass beds in Kenya.

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