Financing mangrove and seagrass conservation and restoration, and marine protection, on Indonesia’s Misool Island

Establishing the vital baseline and documentation necessary to eventually access carbon and biodiversity credits for different marine and coastal ecosystems on Misool Island, Indonesia. This will support conservation, afforestation and restoration activities in mangrove areas; marine biodiversity monitoring and protection for marine areas; and monitoring and improvement in seagrass health. The long-term goal is to fund a large-scale restoration and conservation.

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Papua New Guinea community-led analysis and surveillance of mangrove forests

Researchers, local communities and authorities are designing a locally-led monitoring campaign to assess the carbon reduction potential of the existing mangroves, as well as their rate of deterioration. With this knowledge in the hands of local communities, appropriate conservation goals can be implemented to preserve these natural ecosystems from potential impacts from industrial operations.

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Mixed-management Marine Protected Areas for restoring coastal ecosystems

a mixed management solution for MPAs, combining fisheries management, protected areas management and sustainable financing of marine protected areas. Local communities and authorities, in collaboration with Konservasi Indonesia, will be fully engaged in the conservation, restoration and monitoring activities, fuelling knowledge transfer and training of the local communities.

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