Sustainably financing Palk Bay Dugong Conservation Area

This project supports India’s National Action Plan for Dugong Conservation, aiming to restore the dugong population and habitat in the next two decades. It focuses on Palk Bay Dugong Conservation Reserve in Tamil Nadu. The Zoological Society of London, Wildlife Institute of India, and Tamil Nadu Forest Department will collaborate to manage and restore the reserve’s biodiversity, involving local communities. The project includes developing sustainable financing based on blue carbon, biodiversity, and local business investments.

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Sustainable financing of the Banggai Dalaka MPA network in Indonesia

The project will contribute to the effective management and financial sustainability of a network of MPAs in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Working on protecting 600,000 hectares of high-biodiverse coral reefs and enhancing the direct livelihoods and food security for 4,000 households (most of them under poverty level).

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Abrolhos National Marine Park and Cassurubá Reserve: Sustainable Tourism as a Mechanism for Conservation and Economic Strengthening of Communities and Protected Areas

The project aims to integrate MPAs and its surrounding communities to the tourism industry, as key elements of the landscape in southern Bahia, Brazil. Our goal is to develop sustainable ecotourism alternatives, reducing pressures on marine ecosystems, generating income to people, and engaging communities, businesses, and tourists on MPA’s management.

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Yawri Bay: Youth-Led and Community-based Mangrove Restoration

This project, led by the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone in partnership with GREENLIFE West Africa, motivates youths in Sierra Leone for community-based mangrove conservation. It uses sustainable livelihood initiatives to restore degraded marine ecosystems, engaging young people in environmental stewardship.

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