Sustainable shrimp farming in Indonesia

Shrimp aquaculture does not have to have a negative impact on ecosystems. When properly implemented, it presents a resilient income stream in regions with little alternative economic opportunities while protecting and restoring biodiversity.

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Blue carbon in Zanzibar

Terra Global is structuring a project to conserve > 16,000ha of mangrove forests on the Zanzibar islands of Pemba and Unguja.

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Blue Carbon in Kenya

The Wildlife Conservation Society is working with Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute in pioneering a project aimed at generating carbon credits from seagrass beds in Kenya.

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Blue Carbon in Indonesia

Forest Carbon is working on a plan to conserve mangrove forests in Indonesia. With the support of the BNCFF, the company will carry out a full feasibility assessment of a coastal Mangrove ecosystem in West Kalimantan spanning more than 15,000 hectares.

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Tourism and MPA, Belize

PRESS RELEASE Mirova, Iucn, Tasa, Blue Finance And Ministry Of Blue Economy Of Belize Announce Their Partnership In An Innovative Blended Finance Facility To Improve The Management Of Belize’s Marine Protected Areas & Contribute To Its Blue Economy.

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Seaweed farming

The latest Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility project has Seaweed farming at its core. It is the fastest-growing aquaculture sector, offering benefits to individual farmers and communities, while at the same time bringing immense potential for biodiv

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