pictures by © BlueYou Consulting

Why Selva Shrimp?

“Selva Shrimp” is a certified approach to aquaculture that combines small-scale farming with active nature conservation, thereby creating livelihoods for local communities while reviving heavily degraded ecosystems.

+ 55ha of mangroves
+ change of existing farming practises to zero-input systems (no antibiotics, no feed, no chemicals)
+ tripling of income for local farmers
+ a sustainable seafood choice for consumers
Goal: Roll out of the model to the entire region to conserve 150,000ha of mangroves while supporting a resilient local economy that helps to feed the world.

Swiss seafood company Blueyou Consulting is implementing and managing the Selva Shrimp program and brand. It supports improving aquaculture practices in marginalised areas and encourages the restoration and conservation of mangrove ecosystems. This generates resilient local livelihoods and small-scale business alongside healthy ecosystems and shows, that mangroves are a source of income and backbone of a fair and inclusive economy based on Nature-based Solutions.

The business is located in Kalimantan (Indonesia) and is meant to attract investments to grow from the current pilot area supported by the BNCFF, to a regional leader of sustainable seafood production.

Bridging the gap between profit and conservation

Selva Shrimp provides an opportunity to recover ecosystem services lost due to coastal development and food production. This proven approach meets the continuously increasing demand for sustainable seafood, restores coastal ecosystems, and improves the socio-ecological resilience of marginalised coastal communities while generating financial profits throughout the supply chain. Selva Shrimp certified farms are compliant with standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council or the EU organic and Naturland organic standard. Critically, Selva Shrimp is the only farmed shrimp recommended as “Best-Choice” by Monterrey Bay Aquarium`s Seafood Watch. It is owned and managed by Swiss seafood company Blueyou Consulting.