Is your project located in a developing country and ​

  • conserves, protects and restores coastal ecosystems?​
  • creates jobs and livelihoods for local people? ​​
  • contribute towards the SGDs, the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement, and the CBD’s Aichi targets?​
  • has several sources of income, for instance by also providing broadband, clean water and/or renewable energy or generate cost savings due to coastal protection?​
  • has a (potentially) viable business model?​
  • needs some guidance to design the “missing pieces” required by investors to close the deal?​

Project proposals will be examined on a continuous basis and assessed against the following criteria:​

  • conservation, protection and/or restoration of coastal ecosystems;​
  • creation of jobs and livelihoods as part of a country’s sustainable development;​
  • capacity, experience, resources and legal authority of the counterparts; ​
  • strength and coherence of the (potential) business model;
  • contribution to climate change adaptation and mitigation;​
  • compliance with environmental standards​
  • access to environmental markets​
  • minimum size and stage of development