Brazil’s Abrolhos Region, encompassing 95,000 km², is distinguished by its vast coral reefs and the highest marine biodiversity in the South Atlantic, alongside being home to the largest remnants of the Atlantic Forest in the Brazilian Northeast. This area, notable for its significant social and cultural diversity, supports traditional communities that are intricately linked to biodiversity conservation. However, the Abrolhos Seascape faces pressing conservation challenges due to economic activities like oil and gas exploitation, shrimp farming, and escalating coastal development, which threaten its mangrove forests, coral reefs, and other delicate ecosystems.

A sustainable Nature-based Solution for people and planet

Conservation International Brazil’s initiative in the Abrolhos region focuses on sustainable tourism and marine conservation. Aiming to meet the criteria to be listed as an IUCN Green List site, the project enhances marine conservation while boosting local economies. Key efforts include creating long-term financial solutions and testing business models for the Futuri Alliance.

The project will strengthen the Abrolhos MNP and Cassurubá reserve, aiming for sustainability over 20 years and integrating MPAs with at least 30 new tourism service providers. This approach will develop eco-friendly tourism products, bolster MPAs, and create income and jobs for local communities. Additionally, the project plans to mentor over 10 local tourism businesses and devise a communication plan to promote sustainable tourism and highlight the importance of MPAs in the local economy.

How BNCFF supports

BNCFF supports this project by providing essential funding and technical expertise to develop innovative financial strategies and sustainable business models, enhance the effectiveness of the project’s approach to marine conservation and community engagement by combining sustainable profitability and conservation goals.


Location: Abrolhos, Brazil

BNC focus: Marine Protected Areas

Duration of funds: 16 months (2023 –2025)

Project developer: Conservation International Brazil

Impacts created



The project will enhance marine biodiversity and resilience through sustainable tourism, protecting the Abrolhos Seascape’s natural beauty and ecological balance.



Local communities will benefit from job creation in eco-tourism, improving livelihoods while fostering environmental stewardship and cultural heritage preservation.



Sustainable tourism offers a viable economic model, promoting long-term investment in the region’s natural capital while supporting local enterprise.

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