The mangroves of Papa New Guinea remain fairly intact to this day, and provide important ecosystem services for the local communities. However, the mangroves of this region are threatened by projected mining activities in the New Ireland Basin. This situation raises the need for better monitoring and governance in this region to prevent future degradation of mangroves by industrial activities.

The BNC solution

Infinity Blue have partnered up with researchers, local communities and authorities to assess the mangrove ecosystem extent and resilience by designing a locally-led monitoring campaign. The primary aim of this initiative is to assess the carbon reduction potential of the existing mangroves, as well as their rate of deterioration. With this knowledge in the hands of local communities, appropriate conservation goals can be implemented to preserve these natural ecosystems from potential impacts from industrial operations.

Additionally, the project leaders have proposed the development of a community-led coastal management plan for mangrove conservation in order to strengthen local governance. By implementing blue carbon credits, the project leaders are working to develop synergies between local communities and governments and to implement benefit-sharing, setting the basis for long-term conservation efforts.

How BCAF supports this initiative

The BCAF will support the project leaders in developing the first application of blue carbon credits in Papua New Guinea. Additionally, BCAF will support the development of a sound financial model and help with developing long-term viability of the project by clarifying the blue carbon credit standard to be implemented.


Location: Papa New Guinea

BNC focus: Conservation of mangrove forests

Duration of funds: 30 months (2023 – 2025)

Project developer: Infinity Blue

Impacts created



Mangroves cover upwards of 18’000 ha in Papua New Guinea, and are home to a large number of species. By implementing a thorough monitoring system for this vital ecosystem, the natural habitat of local marine life will be better preserved.



Local communities of the New Ireland Province will benefit from this project by taking part in the monitoring and governance of their natural capital, empowering them and providing long term financial solutions for preserving their livelihoods.



With the use of carbon credits, local authorities and communities will be direct beneficiaries of their natural environment. Improved mangrove conservation efforts will also lead to increased profits to local fishermen and the tourism industry.

More information

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