Climate change is creating new challenges for the Caribbean region, with sea level rise, and increased extreme weather events putting thousands of livelihoods at risk. At the same time, coral reefs are degrading due to climate change. These essential ecosystems hold close to 25% of the world’s marine life, and act as a natural barrier slowing down waves, reducing extreme weather events´ effects.

A sustainable Nature-based Solution for people and planet

The aim of this project is to improve 3.9 hectares of coral barrier reef, and strength that with new hybrid coral reefs made of concrete spheres with living corals on those, to allow for coral reef rehabilitation and restoration. This green-grey approach led by The Blue Indigo Foundation, a local NGO, and with contributions from local communities and institutions will aim to provide long-term coastal protection by increasing the coral reef extent, size and roughness, the hybrid reef will play a crucial role in protecting coastal infrastructure, notably a public road and commercial and residential properties including local Raizal ancestral households from extreme weather events, by creating a natural buffer for waves and marine surges.

This project will undertake environmental, economic and social cost-benefit analyses and developing a strong financing strategy to attract private sector finance. Projected sources of revenue include ecotourism activities and ecosystem services payment .

How BNCFF supports

Funding from the Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility will help the project developers build the business case for further developments of similar green-grey projects in San Andrés Island and the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve and to guarantee a long-term financial viability for the local communities of San Andrés, based on trust construction within local stakeholders. This Green-Gray solutions could motivate similar investments for other Colombia´s coastal areas and even for the Caribbean Region.


Location: San Andrés Island, Columbia

BNC focus: Green-gray infrastructure solution

Duration of funds: 18 months (2023–2024)

Project developer: Blue Indigo Foundation

Impacts created



The restoration of coral reefs has many positive impacts on nature. Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine life. By increasing the coral reef areas in the Caribbean region, this project will contribute to international biodiversity conservation efforts as well as climate change adaptation.                                                    



This nature-based solution will provide important benefits for the local communities, including the indigenous Raizal people who are dependent on marine and coastal ecosystem services. By expanding existing coral reefs extent and improving reef´s condition, this project will help on effectively protect the coastal areas from extreme weather induced surges.



The local economy of the San Andrés Island is driven by tourism and fishery. Local fishermen and scuba diving companies and small businesses will greatly benefit from this nature-based solution as the project will contribute to increased climate adaptation and resilience by providing a protective buffer to infrastructure while providing ecotourism opportunities.