Central Sulawesi’s 600,000 ha of high-biodiverse coral reefs, crucial for marine life and local communities, face challenges due to ineffective management. Designated in 2018, the Banggai Dalaka MPA network have remained largely inactive. This situation highlights the need for innovative management and sustainable financing strategies to supported effective management of these MPAs, ensuring their long-term conservation and contribution to the region’s ecological and economic health.

A sustainable Nature-based Solution for people and planet

This strategic model aims to secure marine biodiversity while fostering economic resilience among local communities by revitalizing the network of MPAs in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This project focuses on implementing high-quality environmental, social, and financial frameworks, alongside developing a pipeline of reef-positive businesses to ensure the financial sustainability of the MPA network. BNCFF’s involvement will unlock concessional debt from impact investors for the network’s initial financing needs. With a focus on long-term environmental health, the project underpins the financial mechanisms ensuring the MPAs’ preservation and the prosperity of those who rely on these vital ecosystems.

How BNCFF supports

BNCFF supports this initiative with funds and expertise, bolstering the project’s infrastructure and its appeal to investors. This aid is crucial for establishing and maintaining sustainable use of marine resources, which is key to the project’s success and the region’s ecological and economic future. BNCFF’s backing is instrumental in transitioning the MPAs from ‘paper parks’ to active, effectively managed areas that contribute to local and global environmental goals.


Location: Banggai Province, Indonesia

BNC focus: Marine Protected Areas

Duration of funds: 13 months (2023–2025)

Project developer: Blue Finance

Impacts created



This project protects Banggai’s marine biodiversity, ensuring the health and sustainability of its unique aquatic ecosystems, crucial for regional environmental balance.



By promoting sustainable marine practices, the project enhances local livelihoods, fostering community involvement and resilience in environmental stewardship.



Implementing a sustainable financial model, the project boosts economic stability and growth opportunities, aligning conservation efforts with local business development.

More information

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