Located off the south coast of Bali, Nusa Penida MPA surrounds a group of three islands (Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan). Famous for sightings of manta rays, sunfish, turtles, and sharks, the MPA is composed of 1,400 hectares of coral reef, including 576 fish species and 296 coral species. Fishing, seaweed farming, and tourism provide the main source of income for most of the 46,000 residents. Visitors have grown to over 300,000 annually, which creates significant ecosystem stress. The rising tourism industry, while economically beneficial, poses significant challenges to the health and sustainability of these critical habitats, necessitating urgent measures for responsible and sustainable tourism management.

A sustainable Nature-based Solution for people and planet

The Reef-World Foundation (RWF), in collaboration with local and international partners, is set to enhance sustainable marine tourism in Indonesia’s coral reef Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Under the Green Fins initiative, this project will focus on reducing tourism-related threats to coral reefs by conducting on-site assessments, offering training to dive and snorkel operators, and implementing a certification scheme.
This initiative aims to establish a standard for environmentally responsible practices in the marine tourism industry. A key component is the development of a feasibility study for sustainable tourism in the Bali Marine Protected Area Network, assessing the potential for private investment and environmental, social, and economic returns.

How BNCFF supports

BNCFF’s funding supports RWF in strengthening the Green Fins initiative’s capacity and scalability. This includes financing a feasibility study, enhancing local stakeholder engagement, and developing sustainable financial models for Marine Protected Areas. BNCFF’s contribution is pivotal in transitioning Green Fins towards self-sufficiency and broader implementation across the region.


Location: Nusa Penida MPA, Indonesia

BNC focus: Marine Protected Areas

Duration of funds: 16 months (2023–2024)

Project developers: Reef-World Foundation (RWF) and UNEP Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA)

Impacts created



This project covers 80,000 hectares of Indonesia’s MPAs, aiming to preserve and enhance coral reef health, thereby supporting marine biodiversity.



Local communities will benefit from sustainable tourism practices, ensuring long-term preservation of their natural resources and enhancement of livelihoods.



Sustainable tourism under the Green Fins initiative will attract environmentally conscious tourists, boosting local businesses and creating new job opportunities.

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