The Yawri Bay community, reliant on fishing for income and sustenance, faces challenges in adapting to climate impacts on livelihoods and rights. In Sierra Leone, while industrial fisheries contribute significantly to government revenue, the artisanal sector, crucial for local protein supply, lacks integration with climate change adaptation in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries (TURFs) establishment. Located near Freetown and critical for migratory birds, the Yawri Bay has seen little conservation action since being designated an MPA in 2012. This highlights the need for sustainable livelihood strategies and increased capacity building to mitigate climate change effects, especially in reducing mangrove cutting.

A sustainable Nature-based Solution for people and planet

The Yawri Bay project in Sierra Leone focuses on mangrove conservation and restoration to address resource depletion from overfishing and deforestation. Targeting 10,000 hectares within the Marine Protected Area, it aims to improve biodiversity, boosting tourism potential for 80,000 coastal residents.

The project will pilot five climate-smart livelihood options, reducing ecosystem degradation and enhancing socio-economic status. Emphasizing youth and women’s involvement ensures skill retention and immediate adoption of new management practices. Stakeholder engagement, habitat restoration, and monitoring are key, with government and local communities encouraged to participate actively. This initiative promotes sustainable practices and livelihoods, underpinning ecosystem protection and climate change mitigation.

How BNCFF supports

BNCFF supports this initiative with funding and expertise, strengthening the project’s capacity to engage communities and implement effective restoration and sustainability measures.


Location: Yawri Bay MPA, Sierra Leone

BNC focus: Marine Protected Areas

Duration of funds: 16 months (2023–2024)

Project developer: Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL)

Impacts created



Enhance the management of 10,000 hectares of mangroves, this project bolsters Yawri Bay’s biodiversity and ecological health, contributing to coastal protection and climate change mitigation.



The project enhances local livelihoods through sustainable practices and capacity building, with a focus on youth and community involvement in environmental stewardship.



Sustainable finance and livelihood options developed by the project promote economic stability and growth in line with environmental conservation, benefiting local businesses.

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