Who we are

The time to invest in our ocean is now. We are leading the way on new innovative ocean financing solutions by supporting projects on the ground, to attract financing and creating opportunities for private sector finance, to be a part of a sustainable blue future. Together we are building the business case for investing in coastal and marine Nature-based Solutions.

Our work on innovative ocean financing

We have worked on Blue Natural Capital (BNC), including blue carbon, for over a decade. First by generating knowledge on the topic and then by working with institutional partners, to build a scientific community around BNC that feeds into a policy framework to guide decision makers within international governance mechanisms, like the UNFCCC. Alongside our partners, we are also working to build a pipeline of bankable, investable BNC projects around the world.

Investing in BNC projects brings tangible benefits to local communities that are often heavily dependent on the health and abundance of the marine resources on which their livelihoods depend. Conservation and restoration of these habitats helps to bring food security, income and some degree of protection from the worst effects of storms and climate deregulation. As the race for ocean-based growth and opportunity heats up, we are working to set these activities on a sustainable path that benefits local communities and ensures stability for people and nature.

Our approach


projects building on the BNC approach to conserve and sustainably manage coastal and marine ecosystems as part of a promising business model.


project partners in assessing, preparing and structuring BNC opportunities to become bankable investments, as part of a blended finance approach.


guidance for projects to become ready to attract sustainable financing, using innovative blended financing models to access different revenue streams.


the Positive Impacts Framework to measure, report and verify projects’ contributions towards climate and sustainable development goals.

Backed by robust availability of funding and increasing interest in climate-positive projects that have meaningful impacts on the ground, the demand for BNC projects currently outstrips supply.  We work with project developers to provide expert guidance that take projects to the next level and ensure sound design and achievable implementation.  As a result, a real difference is being made, with positive outcomes for coastal communities and biodiversity whilst contributing positively towards tackling climate change through avoided emissions and restoration of carbon sinks.

A part of the global authority on the status of the natural world

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) harnesses the experience, resources and reach of our more than 1,400 Member organisations and the input of more than 18,000 experts. This diversity and vast expertise makes IUCN the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it.